The Northwoods Condo at Jalan Mata Ayer in District 27

The Northwoods Condo at Jalan Mata Ayer in District 27

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About Northwoods Condo
Completed in 2010, the Northwoods Condo is fairly new when compared to other condo properties in its surrounding areas. It is ideally situated in Jalan Mata Ayer, providing residents with a complete mix of recreational and leisure activities that can be enjoyed regardless of age. The Northwoods is comprised of 140 freehold units and is near to Yishun, making it very accessible for people who are seeking an excellent place to live, work, and relax. It is about 25 minutes away by car from the CBD and can be accessed via the Central Expressway or the Seletar Expressway.

The Property Developer
The Northwoods Condo was developed by UIC Investment Pte Ltd which is the investment and property development arm of United Industrial Corporation Limited. The company has been in business since 1960, although it was in 1990 that it ventured in to investment and real estate development. To date, UIC Investment Pte Ltd is prominent for its development of residential properties such as One Amber, The Trizon, Park Natura, and Grand Duchess at Saint Patrick’s. It also has overseas investments in China and Hong Kong, making it an impressive company with a great property development team.

Neighborhood and Surrounding Areas
A bevy of amenities and recreational centers await prospective residents of the Northwood Condo who love to go out and relax while having fun at the same time. Libraries, shops, and cinemas can be found within close proximity, while nature enthusiasts will enjoy views of the Mandai Reservoir and the Sembawang Country Club. All of these combine to make a thriving neighborhood outside the Northwoods – something that is sadly lacking in other condo developments. The condo’s ideal location in District 27 makes it easier for shoppers to access Orchard Road and find great bargains, while those who work in the CBD will also find it an ideal place to settle down because of its proximity to the business hub.


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    Facilities and Property Layout
    The units at the Northwoods condo are divided into two-to-four bedroom condos, with a penthouse suite available for those who do not mind investing a larger amount of money. All of the units are spacious and roomy, making them ideal not just for individuals but also for couples and small families who want to have ample space even with a fully-furnished home. Since it is not close to major roads, traffic is light and the atmosphere is one of peace and quiet. This makes it an ideal place to relax after a day’s work while enjoying the many facilities that the condo has to offer. Notable facilities in Northwoods include:

  • Tennis court
  • Fitness station
  • Jacuzzi
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Gym

    Outside Amenities and Schools
    Since the Northwoods condo is in close proximity to Yishun, residents can expect a lot of outside amenities that can cater to their needs. The Chong Pang Market and Food Centre is a great place for budding chefs and food critics, while the Yishun Centre provides a haven for those who want to go shopping. Restaurants, shops, banks, and a soon to be opened hospital will cater to residents’ other needs. Schools are also worth taking a look into especially if you have children and are planning to acquire a unit. Notable schools include:

  • Kidszone Kindergarten
  • Yishun Secondary School
  • Little Leader Kindergarten
  • Jiemin Primary School

Transportation and Accessibility
Nearby bus stations cater to residents of Northwoods condo and its surrounding areas at regular intervals during the day and in strategic drop off and pick up points. The Yishun and Khatib MRT stations meanwhile add to the convenience of travel. Car owners will also find Jalan Mata Ayer a strategic access point if they want to travel to other districts and parts of the country, exiting at Seletar Expressway and making use of either the Tampines Expressway or Central Expressway to get to their destinations.

The Northwoods is definitely something you would want to take a look at when planning to purchase your own home especially since it is a freehold property. Investing in a unit can very well be one of the best decisions you will ever make since experts predict that prices of units in this condo development are in an upward trend. Take the time to view a unit at the Northwoods condo if you are looking for a place that will provide you peace and quiet amidst a busy and thriving neighborhood.


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