Euphony Gardens Singapore at Jalan Mata Ayer, District 27

Euphony Gardens Singapore at Jalan Mata Ayer, District 27

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About Euphony Gardens
Euphony Gardens Singapore is a 99-year leasehold condominium that is located in Jalan Mata Ayer and was completed in 2002. You may find the condominium just off of Sembawang Road and near Upper Thompson and Yishun in the northern area of Singapore. The condominium is basically developed with an English-styled design in mind, imbibing a prehistoric yet country ambience. This is a breath of fresh air from all the condominiums in the area which are either too simplistic or too extravagant.

The Developer
Euphony Gardens Singapore, which has a total of 4 storeys and 304 units in 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms as well as a studio-type unit, was developed by Centrepoint Properties Pte Ltd which is one of the top three residential property developers in Singapore. In Singapore and around the world, the company has already built about 15,500 quality homes. The success of this company is due to specific factors including choice locations, well-timed marketing and sales launches, attractive pricing, and constant product refinement.

Euphony Gardens Singapore is located in District 27 where you may find several condominiums. However, this condo stands out since it is outfitted with an outstanding façade, being an English-inspired development. You may find lush greeneries in every corner of each English-styled building as well. Each building faces a musical courtyard having a musical-themed swimming pool.

    Facilities and Layout of the Property
    Euphony Gardens Singapore, which is a cluster of at least 5 four-storey buildings, has different components. The condominium has a master’s bedroom with a bathroom, guest room with built-in cabinets, living area, dining area, kitchen with cabinets and a common comfort room. The guest room can be converted into an extra room for families with two or more kids. Other than these fixtures, the units have utility areas and private enclosed spaces. Lush greenery can be also found in the rooftop. Further, there are other facilities that you may find within the condominium such as:

  • Main swimming pool
  • Wading pool
  • Pool deck
  • Gymnasium
  • Clubhouse
  • Tennis court
  • Jacuzzi
  • Jogging track
  • Multipurpose hall
  • BBQ pits
  • Fountain area
  • Children’s playground
  • Car park
  • 24-hour security


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Nearby Amenities and Schools
There are various amenities nearby Euphony Gardens Singapore, most of which can be found in the nearby Yishun Town Centre so everything that you might need including your daily necessities can be obtained from here. There are also libraries, supermarkets, hawker centres, fast food restaurants, a polyclinic, a cinema and many other establishments. Further, schools are mostly just short drives away from the condo as well. The Euphony Gardens is also near the Singapore Island Country Club and Orchid Country Club as well as the Golf Academy. Sembawang Park is also a 15 minute drive away from the condo. Here are the specific amenities and schools that you may find near the condominium.

    Nearest supermarkets and food centres are:

  • Yishun Ring Road Block 105 Food Centre
  • Yishun Ring Road Block 104 Market
  • S11 Yishun 744
  • McDonald’s
  • Sweet 7-16
  • Chwee Hoon Restaurant
    Nearest shopping centres include:

  • Sembawang Shopping Centre
  • Northpoint
  • Shop N Save
  • Chong Pang Market and Food Centre
  • Cheers
    Nearest schools are:

  • SAF Education Centre
  • Yishun Secondary School
  • Yishun Junior College
  • Jiemin Primary School

Accessibility and Transportation
Euphony Gardens Singapore is accessible via the nearby Kranji Expressway and Central Expressway. There are at least three MRT stations near the condo, namely: Yishun station, Sembawang station and Khatib station. It only takes about 20 to 25 minutes to go to the city centre through these stations. These stations are just a few minutes bus ride from the condo as well. There are also many bus feeder services within the vicinity of the condominium which you can use to get around the city.

If you are looking for a condominium that is equipped with basic and advanced facilities and amenities that you have always wanted, look no further. Euphony Gardens Singapore can actually provide you the convenience that most condominiums in the urban area can offer, making it a perfect choice for you and your family.


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